How To Recognize True Coach Handbags

Posted by smithsonshelia98 in November 20, 2010

In the case of buying the most fashionable and simple purses available on the market, coach handbags rank high within the list. They are made with high quality products and are available in a wide variety of styles and designs. Nothing turns head quite like one these handbags also it is definitely an adjunct that you’ll be proud to own.

It is no surprise that with the popularity of this purse, came many designer imposters that attempt to sell a cheaper and lower quality item to unsuspecting ladies. The best way to protect yourself from falling victim to one these vendors is for being schooled on how to identify a fake Coach bag.

What to search for

A business which has been around for many years is prone to make their product easy to identify. There are usually markings and tiny insignias that make their goods easy to spot. By gaining knowledge on the little tricks that companies use to mark their items it is also possible to pick out the fakes within minutes.

One thing to look for may be the telltale double C pattern on the outside with the purse. Although many fake bags have a similar symbol, it is usually irregular or misshaped. Frequently the imposters will print a G pattern that may look just like the C. The true symbol is made with meticulous perfection and is sort of simple to recognize.

Another true sign of a real model is the inside dust bag. They all  have one, but it is not common to get one within the phony pouch. While looking in the interior you might also notice the leather swatch that symbolizes the company in all its glory. One thing you may notice on this credo patch is that there is a four to five digit serial number which provides proof of the handbags validity.

Check the zipping mechanism about the bag. It needs to be two real leather sides that will easily pull together when zipped. That is very unlike the common zipper that simply pulls the back closed. There is usually a small leather tag with this company symbol imprinted on it that will be hanging off from the mechanism.

Check all stitching for any sort of imperfections that might not normally be found on a quality designer bag. Activities such as hanging threads and other little imperfections will all grasp the clue into a fraudulent item.

Your purse should have hardware bearing the symbol which will give you a clue as to its true origins. This company likes to supply the best exclusive products possible and they will always include little indications how the item is real.

The quickest and easiest clue into whether your bag is real is by simply searching for a designed in China symbol. A true bag won’t ever have this as will many of the charlatan models.

You would’t beat the planning and quality of Coach handbags. The colours are amazing and the styles are simply superb. The neatest thing about owning one of these fabulous purses is that everybody will take notice as you’re moving about. You may know that they are envious and that creates this bag worth its weight in gold.

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